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Timeline – Operative Grace in Augustine

This timeline reflects J. Patout Burns’ excellent work The Development of Augustine’s Doctrine of Operative Grace (Études Augustiniennes, 1980). Sadly, this volume is out of print, and quite difficult to find; occasionally, a copy is available via Amazon ([amazon text=click here to check the usual page&asin=2851210319]), but if you want to search for it through other sources, the ISBN for the copy I have is 2851210319 or 978-2851210319. The timeline below traces the development in very general terms; if you need to delve into this topic beyond just the surface, you really need to find a copy of the book!

The dating of Augustine’s writings is not always straightforward; the dates included in this timeline are those which are generally accepted, although not always uncontroversial. When a date is in known to be in question, the latter date is the one used for ordering the particular text within the timeline, and the first text which appears below the title will indicate which other dates have been identified as possibilities.

Please note: this timeline is under construction, and is therefore very incomplete. The data has not yet been reviewed for accuracy, and irrelevant documents will be trimmed out (it is temporarily visible for review).

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