Vital Faith Communities

What does vital faith look like?
How is vitality expressed – and how do we measure it in faith communities?
For that matter, should we even try?
Image: Candles in a Santa Fe Church – photo by author

The Task(s) of the Faithful

What is our task as children of God?
How should that role be lived out in our daily lives?
What are our tasks in caring for the environment, and caring for each other?
Image: Flowers at Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC – photo by author

The Way of Wesley

How did John Wesley understand the life of faith?
How do his ideas speak to us today?
Image: Statue of John Wesley at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. Photo by author.

The Potential of the Spiritual Community

How can Paul Tillich’s conception of the Spiritual Community impact our thinking?
What kinds of communities might that include?
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Image of Paul Tillich sculpture

Paul Tillich

An overview of Tillich’s life and work.

Closeup of John Wesley from the portrait by George Romney

John Wesley

An overview of Wesley’s life and work.

St Augustine

The Writings of Augustine

The major writings of St. Augustine, by date and type.

Closeup of the Ordination of Bishop Asbury

Methodism (American)

Major events in American Methodism.

Resources & Recommendations

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Resources focused on Church and Organizational Leadership.


Resources focused on John Wesley and the Wesleyan theological tradition.

Church Vitality

Resources pertaining to church vitality.


Resources relating to Paul Tillich’s life and writings.