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Please note: this timeline is under construction, and is therefore incomplete. The data has not yet been reviewed for accuracy, and there is a lot left to add. For a deep dive into the events surrounding the splintering of the United Methodist denomination, visit the Creation of the Global Methodist Church timeline.

While the above timeline is helpful for understanding the major events in the history of Methodism, this timeline pales in comparison to the information available in Rex Matthews’ impressive work Timetables of History for Students of Methodism. If you are interested in Methodist history, this is a must-have. Rex has mapped out major events in Methodism, history, science, culture, and more in a side-by-side columnar format. The work starts in 1700 (when Samuel Wesley initially organized what became a prototype society in Epworth), and runs through 2005. This is a rather amazing work, well worth the small investment.

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