• John Wesley (1703-1791) was an Anglican Priest whose practical theology and approach to ministry (should) lie at the heart of Methodism today.
    Statue of John Wesley at Asbury Seminary. Photo by author.
  • What does vital faith look like? How is vitality expressed - and how do we measure it in faith communities? For that matter, should we even try?
    Candles in a Sanctuary, Santa Fe, NM. Photo by author.
  • What is our task as children of God? How should that role be lived out in our daily lives? What are our tasks in caring for the environment, and caring for each other?
    Flowers at Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC. Photo by author.
  • Carrollton United Methodist Church in Carrollton, Kentucky - one of many churches that are bucking the "declining churches" trend.
    Photo by author.
  • What about those who are different - who practice other faiths, or look different than "we" do? What do "we" say? How are "we" to live? How is grace lived in the face of difference? And just who are "we", anyway?
    Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount, Jerusalem. Photo by author.