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[css3accordion title=”How are books and resources selected for review?”]

Some come my way as part of my academic work, others as part of my consulting. Generally, I review those resources which impress me, are accessible to a broader audience, and are affordable. When I review a resource that is highly academic in nature, I note that.

You won’t see a lot of negative reviews on this site. If a resource isn’t useful, I just don’t bother reviewing it (unless it’s just wrong, and needs to be challenged).


[css3accordion title=”I know about a book or resource you should review.”]

Please send me the information using the contact link above. The list of pending reviews is rather long…


[css3accordion title=”I am the author of a book or resource you should review.”]

Please contact me using the link above, and we can start a conversation about it. I do accept review copies; if I choose not to review it, I’ll return it upon request.


[css3accordion title=”Is your site monetized?”]

Yes, in that I receive a rather small cut of a sale if you click though one of the Amazon links and purchase products. That helps to offset the expense of the site. Note that, other than the Amazon links and a few others, there is no real advertising on the site – you don’t have to wade through a bunch of banners, or endlessly page through articles!


[css3accordion title=”Who designed your website? Who hosts the site?”]

I did, using a theme package and additional plugins from Lizatom. I’m no longer in the website business, and only support my own sites. The site is hosted by DreamHost.