Mission: Global in <i>Grace Upon Grace</i>

Mission: Global in Grace Upon Grace

The United Methodist Professors of Mission have commissioned a blog about the global nature of the United Methodist Church. At present, we are providing entries regarding Grace Upon Grace, the UMC’s document on the mission of the Methodist Church which was adopted at the 1988 General Conference. My contribution is online here – check it

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Your Best Move by Robert Kaylor

An intensely practical little book which will – inexpensively and quickly – help pastors navigate many of the common challenges of clergy transitions. When I say “little book,” I really mean that – the print edition is only 78 pages long, in a size that will fit in some larger pockets. Don’t be deceived, though

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Buy-In by John P. Kotter and Lorne A. Whitehead

Oh, how I love this book! This is all about getting others to “buy-in” to your idea (in other words, it’s about building consensus). The authors offer an opening scenario (twice, actually, describing two different approaches, with two very different outcomes) that will resonate with anyone who has ever worked through the process of presenting

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A Good Place to Start

“The United Methodist Church is a denomination in crisis.”  “Mainline denominations are outdated and irrelevant.”  “Congregational Christianity is at its end, soon to be a thing of the past.” Or, at least, so we have been told. In one way or another, each of the above statements is true. But, broadly speaking, they are all

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